Why Extract A Tooth?

extractionWith all the dental treatments available today, it seems the need to extract a tooth would be passé. So, why do dentists still extract teeth?  Aside from wisdom teeth which often need to be extracted to prevent future problems, there are reasons dentists choose tooth extraction as the treatment of choice. Today, your Livonia, MI dentist, Dr. James Stewart discusses reasons to extract a tooth.


Sometimes when a tooth has been broken or is decaying it simply cannot be saved. The breakage or decay has progressed so far that there is little tooth left to save. Other times the patient may choose extraction if the tooth is far enough back that it is not noticeable, and the patient may be thinking of cost. It’s not recommended to leave a space between teeth as your teeth will try to fill it by tilting, shifting, or moving which can cause bite problems and other dental issues.

Another common reason for extraction is tooth decay that travels into the pulp of the tooth causing infection. If the pulp of the tooth becomes infected the tooth may die, or the infection may spread throughout the mouth, putting other teeth and your oral health in danger.

An important reason that tooth extraction is chosen over other treatments is a person’s health. When bacterial decay reaches the tooth pulp the harmful bacteria can cause infection. If the pulp becomes infected it can spread throughout your body. For people with diabetes, heart disease, other chronic illnesses, or those undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, an infection can exacerbate their condition causing even more serious health issues. In these cases, dentists often opt to pull the tooth, especially if antibiotics do not heal the infection.

Symptoms Of Infection

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of infection, contact your dentist immediately:

·         Toothache

·         Foul breath

·         Swelling or tenderness around the tooth

·         Pain chewing and/or biting

·         Sensitivity to hot and cold

·         Discharge

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