When Do Teeth Need a Root Canal?

toothache 6Have you ever wondered what happens if a cavity does not receive a dental filling? The short answer is that the bacteria responsible for the decay are left to cause further damage. The longer answer is that these bacteria may gain access to the tooth’s pulp, where they can cause a dangerous infection. If the infection is not removed, the tooth can become very painful and may even be lost or require an extraction. However, before resorting to extraction, your Livonia dentist, Dr. James Stewart, will seek to preserve the tooth by performing root canal therapy. This procedure, while well-known, is often misrepresented as excruciatingly painful or even dangerous. The truth of the matter, however, is that root canal therapy is performed to eliminate pain rather than cause it and that it can remove a dangerous infection that, if left unchecked, may spread throughout the mouth and into the body, potentially causing an illness.

Root Canal Therapy as Conservative

You may have heard people say that root canals are better avoided and that you should opt for an extraction instead. However, extractions should only be performed when they are the only option remaining, as it is better to preserve your teeth if at all possible. Teeth are integral to jawbone health, and when one is lost, the jawbone can begin to atrophy. In addition to the potential for an unhealthy jawbone, the cost of a replacement tooth, whether a dental implant (which can prevent deterioration in the jawbone following tooth loss) or a dental bridge, tends to exceed the cost of root canal therapy. Thus by preserving your tooth, you can save yourself money and protect the health of your jawbone.

Root Canals in Livonia

If you are in need of root canal therapy, don’t put it off. If you are feeling unsure about the procedure, talk to your Livonia dentist, Dr. Stewart. He can talk you through the procedure, answering any questions you may have. Dr. Stewart strives to make legitimate connections with all of his patients, making them feel as comfortable as possible during every dental visit. In addition, Dr. Stewart makes it a priority to keep his patients informed, providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their oral health.

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