What’s Different About Children’s Dentistry?

surprised young boyHave you ever wondered why there’s sometimes a distinction between general dentistry and children’s dentistry? After all, aren’t all teeth made from the same material and susceptible to the same things? They are, but as children’s teeth and jaws change to form their permanent smiles, certain considerations can affect their proper growth. As a dedicated general and children’s dentist, Dr. James Stewart is well-versed in issues associated with children’s dental health, and how treating such issues can influence the future of their smiles.

Why Baby Teeth are Important

Since primary teeth, or baby teeth, will eventually fall out anyway, taking care to retain them may not seem as important as caring for permanent teeth. Yet if they become infected or are prematurely knocked out, primary teeth can compromise the health and formation of the permanent teeth underneath. Baby teeth act as placeholders along the jawbone until adult teeth are ready to erupt. If one is lost before its time, then remaining primary teeth can shift to accommodate the imbalance in your child’s bite. Crowding and uneven spacing can cause permanent teeth to grow in crooked and require orthodontic treatment in the future.

Kid-Specific Issues

Most dental issues can affect children and adults alike, such as tooth decay and gum disease. However, some issues can be detected and treated during childhood to prevent them from maturing into more complex problems in adulthood. Malocclusion, or crooked teeth, can worsen if the teeth and jawbones continue to grow asymmetrically. Early orthodontic treatment, usually with braces, can correct jaw and bite alignment before your child’s bite becomes severely imbalanced.

Never Too Early to Start

One of the most important goals of children’s dental care, aside from heading off developing issues, is to teach children how to prevent dental diseases through good hygiene. Brushing and flossing teeth is a habit that must be taught, and Dr. Stewart and our caring team of professionals will help you teach your children fun and effective methods to care for their teeth. We can also help protect your children’s teeth if they’re at risk for dental issues, like cavities. For instance, fluoride treatments and dental sealants can strengthen their teeth to better withstand attacks from oral bacteria.

About Your Livonia Children’s Dentist:

As a highly experienced children’s dentist, Dr. Stewart has helped many young patients prepare for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. James Steward, DDS, and our compassionate staff proudly serve patients of all ages from Livonia, Farmington Hills, Plymouth, Northville, Dearborn Heights, Garden City, and all surrounding communities. To schedule an appointment, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.