Sinus Infection or Toothache?

It’s that time of year again. With the kids back to school and the weather changing on us, we are now being forced to face the dreaded cold and allergy season. No matter where you are, people are sniffling, sneezing, and coughing.

Did you know that sinuses and your dental health are connected? Your sinus cavities are closely located near the roots of your maxillary, or upper, teeth. Bad oral health can contribute to sinusitis or a sinus infection. Tooth decay and infections of the gums can cause sinus discomfort and add to, and/or lead to, a sinus infection. Or vice versa, a sinus infection can negatively impact your teeth.

Sinus infections can greatly influence the sensation of the teeth. When you are congested, the sinuses cause pressure on surrounding tissues, which causes discomfort and pain in upper teeth. The pain can be felt anywhere from the incisors to the molars. Sometimes, people aren’t sure whether they have a toothache or sinus congestion. Sinus infections can also cause drainage, which leads to bad breath.

At dental checkups, Dr. Stewart can determine whether your toothache is from a sinus infection or dental problem.

If you are experiencing sinus pressure, or maybe a toothache, contact Dr. James Stewart, your family dentist in Livonia, MI, at 734-425-4400, to schedule your consultation today.