Livonia Dentist Talks about Root Canal Pulp Diseases

root decayDid you know that the pulp within the root canal can become diseased? In fact, patients who require root canal therapy have some type of pulp disease plaguing their teeth. Furthermore, without the correct treatment, the surrounding tissues have the possibility of becoming infected, also.

In this article, Dr. James Stewart, your Livonia dentist explains the varying types of pulp diseases that can occur within the root canal.

Many Different Types of Pulp Diseases Exist

  • Reversible pulpitis. This type of pulp disease is fixable and usually occurs to patients who have severely cracked or broken a tooth. Reversible pulpitis is typically noticeable when patients have an extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods or sweet foods. Should these symptoms arise, take care to visit your Livonia dentist for treatment.
  • Irreversible pulpitis. Unlike with reversible pulpitis, irreversible pulpitis isn’t resolvable by correcting a broken tooth. Patients with irreversible pulpitis have to have a root canal procedure to prohibit the infection from spreading. However, if the pulpitis has advanced too much, the dentist must extract the tooth altogether.
  • Pulp calcification. Also called, pulp stones, this condition is the hardening of the pulp tissue. Pulp stones cause nerves to become compressed, which causes patients quite a bit of pain. To remove pulp stones, your Livonia dentist must utilize root canal therapy to eliminate your pain and discomfort.
  • Pulp exposure. When decay goes beyond the enamel and dentin and reaches the pulp, it’s called, pulp exposure. If the pulp is exposed to food debris and bacteria, infections develop and in more a severe cases patients also develop an abscess. With pulp exposure, eating practically anything causes discomfort. If you notice this occurs to you frequently, make visiting Dr. Stewart a priority.

For Root Canal Issues, Visit Your Livonia Dentist

If you have pain or discomfort that stems from your root canal, take care to visit Dr. Stewart as soon as possible. With an exam he can determine what is causing your discomfort. Then, he can begin the appropriate treatment method to eliminate the issue. To schedule an appointment with our Livonia dental practice at (734) 425-4400. Also, visit our website to view services, testimonials, and print patient forms. We look forward to treating patients from Farmington Hills, Plymouth, Northville, Dearborn Heights, Garden City, and surrounding areas.