Ready For Bonding? It Can Do These 4 Things! 

Of course, dental bonding can help you accomplish one or more of a long list of achievements! However, when we’re narrowing things down to help you figure out whether this cosmetic care option might work for you, we like to highlight some of those major details that patients frequently hope to stumble upon. Consider these introductory particulars and, if you’re ready to learn more or you think it’s probably high time you came in for a consultation and a personalized care plan, just get in touch with our Livonia, MI team!

#1: It Can Help You Quickly

We remind you that when you consider choosing dental bonding, you are thinking about selecting a cosmetic treatment that can help you very quickly. There’s not any significant prep time beyond just sitting down with you for a consultation. The treatment itself is also quite efficient, so you can generally come in, receive bonding, and then head out on your merry way with just a visit. To learn more, contact our team soon!

#2: It Can Offer Improvements On A Budget

One of the main deterrents for patients who are seeking improvement through cosmetic care is often related to the financial. You may feel quite compelled to make your smile look better but you may feel equally compelled to stick to your budget. The good news is that when you are looking for budget-friendly treatments, dental bonding makes the list! See us for particular figures, as they apply to your smile wants.

#3: It Can Add Structure To Your Tooth

You may sometimes feel as though what you’re hoping to achieve for your tooth isn’t possible. What you want is more of it, however you know that you cannot simply grow more tissue. The good news with dental bonding is that we can make it look like you have more tissue as we apply the color-matched composite. This will allow you to enjoy a tooth that looks longer, that appears wider, that has a more beautiful shape, and that will help fill spaces between teeth!

#4: It Can Provide Camouflaging To Your Tooth

Maybe you’re not looking for more tooth but you are hoping to cover up problems. It could be a craze line, a serious stain, an all-over stained tooth, etc. With dental bonding, we can use it as a paint to cover issues with a beautiful, natural finish!

Schedule A Dental Bonding Consultation 

Let us know if you think that dental bonding might be the treatment for you! Whether you determine that it is or that another cosmetic treatment best suits your needs, seeing us will steer you in the right direction. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.