Prevention: More Than Clean Teeth

preventionmarkerWhen you think of the benefits of preventive dentistry, you (like many other patients) may immediately think of what it takes to keep your smile clean. While cleanings and exams are certainly an essential aspect of protecting your oral health, prevention does not stop there. In fact, we focus on many factors to ensure your comprehensive oral health and daily quality of life remain intact. Wondering what else you can expect from preventive care beyond a comfortable, healthy grin? Learn more about what makes scheduling those twice-annual visits so advantageous.

Healthy Jaw Joints

When thinking of your oral health, visualize the structures that support your smile for a clearer understanding of the far-reaching benefits of preventive dentistry. To open and close your mouth and move your jaw, you rely on your jaw joints (also called your TMJs, or temporomandibular joints). If these joints become damaged or strained, you may suffer from TMJ disorder. We will provide noninvasive, comfortable therapy to ease the discomfort and stop the problem from progressing.

Healthy Sleeping Habits

Your jaw positioning and the soft tissues of your tongue and soft palate may contribute to problems like snoring and sleep apnea. Both of these sleeping concerns can affect your ability to enjoy full, solid rest on a nightly basis – this can lead to fatigue and other health concerns. We offer oral appliance therapy to reposition your jaws, which encourages open air passages during sleep.

Healthy Gum Tissue

Yes, your teeth are significant but so are your gums. Just like plaque left on teeth can lead to tooth decay, it may also lead to periodontal disease when left against gum tissue. Fortunately, your preventive dentistry cleanings will remove plaque, protecting you from cavities as well as gum disease.