Some Habits Can Worsen TMD Symptoms, Says Livonia Dentist

Clenching teethMillions of Americans suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). The most common signs of the disorder include: headaches, ear aches, and a popping jaw. TMD causes great discomfort, yet some patients worsen their syndrome with a few unhealthy habits. In fact, many TMD sufferers developed the disorder because of their persistent teeth grinding. To fully take control of the symptoms, you should complete daily jaw exercises and end any detrimental jaw habits. In this informative blog, Dr. James Stewart, your Livonia dentist, explains which tendencies worsen TMD.

Recognize the Habits and Put an End to Them

  • Clenching and grinding teeth. People usually clench their teeth mindlessly. The habit can occur if certain emotions arise, such as: joy, anger, and even during strenuous exercise. This results in a tired, overworked, and sore jaw. If you’re prone to clenching your teeth, set a timer to massage your joints and relax the jaw to prevent additional damage to the socket.Moreover, some patients grind their teeth, which is typically a nighttime habit. Oftentimes, a person becomes aware of their tendency when their jaws pop periodically and the associated pain also settles in.
  • Biting your lip. Alongside nail biting, biting your lip can ruin your jaw. The TMJ wasn’t meant to experience that kind of downward pressure. Lip biting puts great strain upon the joint, muscles, tendons, and surrounding tissues. If you frequently bite your lip, take to notice when the habit occurs. This will help you recognize the triggers to prevent you from biting your lip.
  • Gum chewing. As a culprit to popping jaws amongst patients, chewing gum can reek havoc on your jaw. The constant chewing and gnashing causes your jaw to tire easily. For those who chew gum regularly, your Livonia dentist recommends reducing the amount of gum chewed daily.

Get TMD Treatment from Your Livonia Dentist

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