Party Planning With Prevention

preventblocksAre you planning a holiday party this year but you are starting to feel stressed? Do you feel that every direction you turn and every decision you make is in some way damaging to your oral health and to that of your party guests? No worries, we have some helpful preventive care tips on hand that will minimize the risk associated with the foods and beverages you choose to serve. Keep in mind that rinsing after eating (followed by brushing 30 minutes later) is a surefire way to protect one’s oral health. In addition, some thoughtful choices can help.

Serve Water As An Option

You may be surprised but there are likely some guests just as concerned about preventive care (and general wellbeing) as you. As a result, make a special effort to serve water as a beverage option. To make things a bit fancier or decorative, consider seeking out water that comes in beautiful glass bottles, so you can have them out on the table or serve without holding a drinking glass under the tap!

Good-For-Teeth Appetizers

Another great way to keep your guest’s oral health safe is to provide some appetizers and snacks that are actually good for teeth. You see, the bacteria (within plaque) in your mouth feed on sugar and carbs, which they then break down into acids. The acids weaken tooth enamel and irritate gum tissue. Practice that preventive care at your party by offering crunchy, raw veggies cut into easy-to-eat sizes. Lay out some beautiful cheese boards, as well, since dairy is full of calcium and also good for your smile.