Oral Cancer Screenings Can Save Your Life

The best way to protect yourself from serious and debilitating oral and overall health problems is to have dental checkups every six months.

These visits allow Dr. James Stewart and his team to prevent dental issues or, if caught in the early stages, treat them in the most conservative way possible. Gum disease, dental decay, bite problems, as well as other dental problems will not heal naturally, but will continue to worsen over time.

Ultimately, without regular, routine, dental checkups and cleanings, you will experience more pain and expenses, and suffer from more dental health problems.

An important part of every checkup you have with Dr. Stewart is your oral cancer screening. Oral cancer is one of the most dangerous and fatal forms of cancer, yet it is one of the least known forms for the disease. To screen your mouth, Dr. Stewart will use laser technology to look for changes in color, consistency, and any abnormalities in the tissue of your oral cavity.

If you are due for a dental cleaning and checkup, or if you think something has changed with your teeth, gums, or tongue, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Stewart’s dental office in Livonia, Michigan at (734) 425-4400.