Operation Gratitude: Halloween Candy Buy Back

Save your unopened Halloween candy and help Dr. Stewart give back to our troops overseas!


As an active member in his community, Dr. Stewart honors the sacrifice our service men and women make every day on the battle field. That is why he is participating in Halloween Candy Buy Back again this year. Read on to discover how you can join in the effort.  


What is Operation Gratitude?


Operation Gratitude sends care packages to the deployed soldiers in high risk combat zones and to those rehabilitating in transition units. From their small beginnings in 2003, Operation Gratitude has sent a total of 660,000 packages to the self-less members of American military. During the Halloween season, Operation Gratitude collects unopened candy bag donations through the Halloween Candy Buy Back event to include with their shipments. Dr. Stewart and dentists from across the United States come together to protect little trick-or-treaters from sick tummies and cavities, to show their appreciation for our armed forces.


How can you help?


  • Bring your unopened Halloween candy packages to Dr. Stewart’s Livonia location, during regular business hours, the week after Halloween. Dr. Stewart will buy back the bags for $1 per lb., up to 5.
  • Get your children involved, too! Have them pose for a picture in their Halloween costumes, or ask them to write a letter of thanks to the man or woman who receives their leftover candy.
  • You can donate toothbrushes also! The goal is to 100,000 toothbrushes, one with every package.
  • Go to www.operationgratitude.comto read further on how you can help all year round.  

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