One-Visit Root Canal Therapy

In some cases, I can perform root canal treatment in my office, in just one visit. I’m Dr. James Stewart, and at my Livonia dental office, you’ll find comfortable, competent dental care and wise counsel for excellent oral healthcare. If you’ve been told that you need a root canal, feel free to schedule a second opinion visit with me.

A human tooth has layers. The white part we see is the enamel, and a layer of sensitive dentin is underneath. Then, the inner core is a canal that houses the tooth’s root, or nerve. The root brings nutrients to the tooth and removes waste. If the root is compromised by a deep cavity or fracture, it can become infected — and ultimately, it will die. The infection builds, creating painful pressure from within the tooth. Root canal treatment is a procedure in which I remove the internal infection and place a man-made substance in the tooth’s canal. The tooth is then crowned, and it can remain in place indefinitely if it stays healthy.

The alternative to a root canal is extraction of a tooth, and it’s always best to replace the missing tooth. Looked at this way, a root canal is a conservative treatment option.

After an initial exam, I will tell you if you’re a candidate for one-visit root canal treatment in my office. If your case is more complex, I’ll recommend a local endodontist, a specialist in root canal therapy.