Men Visit Dentist Prior to Job Searching

A recent online poll indicated that men don’t visit the dentist regularly. Nearly 45 percent of the men polled stated they don’t see the need; 30 percent said they are embarrassed or afraid; 18 percent said they don’t have time; and 5 percent don’t even have a regular dentist.

However, with the high number of men changing or looking for jobs, these statistics are changing. More men are receiving cosmetic dentistry to improve their appearance. They request teeth whitening, veneers, and bonding.  Kelton Research conducted a study that found 58% of the participants in the study were more likely to be hired and 53% more likely to receive a higher salary post teeth whitening.

Men are noticing positive reactions to an improved smile, and the value a great smile has in business.

In the past, men worked for only one or two employers throughout their careers.  However, with lay-offs and company closings, more middle-aged men are job hunting. They compete with younger men and discover that their appearance is a heightened factor in their lives.

I’m Dr. James Stewart, a dentist in Livonia, and I am glad that more men are coming back to the dentist. Men should be just as worried about their oral health and overall health as they are their appearance. Men, statistically, are at a greater risk than women of having a heart attack. Studies link gum disease to heart attacks, strokes, and other life threatening diseases.

If you are searching for a new job or need a thorough dental check up, contact my dentist office in Livonia, MI, at (743)425-4400 to schedule an appointment. Your smile should make a good and lasting first impression.