Maintaining Your Teeth for a Lifetime

In a 2006 report, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published,

“…the baby boomer generation will be the first where the majority will maintain their natural teeth over their entire lifetime.’

“Over the past 10 years, the number of adults missing all their natural teeth has declined from 31 percent to 25 percent for those ages 60 years and older, and from 9 percent to 5 percent for those adults between 40 and 59 years.’ However, 5 percent means a surprising 1 out of 20 middle-aged adults are missing all their teeth.”

The general improvement in tooth retention began with the fluoridation of drinking water in 1945. Today, more than 171 million Americans drink water with added fluoride. “Fluoridation safely and inexpensively benefits both children and adults by effectively preventing tooth decay, regardless of socioeconomic status or access to care. Fluoridation has played an important role in the reductions in tooth decay (40 percent – 70 percent in children) and of tooth loss in adults (40 percent – 60 percent),” the CDC reported.

I’m Dr. James Stewart, and I believe that patients are maintaining healthier teeth and experience less tooth loss due to keeping regular check-ups, eating healthier foods, and exercising regularly. In general, people are taking better care of themselves.

Technology advancements also allow dentists to save more teeth with root canals, crowns, and periodontal therapy. Fortunately, advances in dentistry have significant benefits for elderly patients. Oral sedation allows for even the most complex procedures while patients sleep. Less invasive procedures minimize recovery time. Even patient education has improved with new tools to help illustrate oral care techniques for both patients and caregivers.

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