Crowns, Inlays, and Onlays Explained by Your Livonia Dentist

Dr. James Stewart holds years of experience with restorative dentistry. He strives to save decayed or damaged teeth with restorations such as crowns, inlays, and onlays. In many cases, our patients that receive restorations enjoy fully functioning teeth without sacrificing the appearance of their smile. Restorative dentistry is perfect for patients who have experienced extensive decay or have suffered from traumatic dental injuries.


Crowns are custom-made restorations that cover the entire visible portion of a tooth. Made from porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or zirconia, crowns are caps that are placed over an existing tooth that is damaged or decayed. For patients with worn down teeth, crowns restore the size and appearance of a healthy tooth. Patients with crowns enjoy restored tooth function for many years to come.


Consider inlays a middle ground between a crown and a filling. Similar to crowns, inlays are made in dental laboratories. Inlays may be made from porcelain, metal, or zirconia. Like fillings, they are placed on decayed areas of the teeth. However, inlays cover larger decayed areas and are only placed in between the cusps of a tooth’s biting surface.


Sometimes onlays may be referred to as a partial crown. Made from the same materials as inlays and crowns, these restorations are placed over cusps of the teeth. In some cases, they may extend down the side of a tooth as well. Onlays are a conservative option for restoring damaged teeth and protecting them from further decay.

Do your teeth appear worn down? Are your teeth affected by extensive decay or damage? If you are in need of restorative dentistry, visit Dr. Stewart and our team for a consultation. We will determine the best procedure for your needs that restores your teeth and your smile. To schedule an appointment, contact our Livonia dentist office at (734) 425-4400. We serve patients from Livonia, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Plymouth, Novi, Dearborn, Redford, and the surrounding communities.