How Does Livonia Sleep Dentist Dr. Stewart Treat Sleep Apnea?

As a sleep dentist in Livonia, MI, Dr. James Stewart has helped countless patients overcome their sleep apnea and reclaim nights of peaceful slumber. Still, many patients are surprised to learn that a dentist can treat sleep apnea. Read on to learn why dentist Dr. Stewart is more than qualified to treat this common sleep disorder.

Treating Sleep Apnea in Livonia, MI

Sleep apnea is directly related to the function of your airways and your ability to breathe. On first glance, this sleep disorder might seem like a respiratory condition. Sleep apnea, however, is actually based on your oral structures, which makes the condition a matter of dental concern.

To treat sleep apnea at our Farmington Hills-area dentist office, Dr. Stewart uses two kinds of treatments.

The first kind of treatment for sleep apnea is an oral appliance, which holds your lower jaw and/or tongue in position as you sleep. With an oral appliance, your soft tissues will not shift as they relax while you sleep, therefore leaving your airways unobstructed and helping you to breathe normally throughout the night. Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Stewart will create a custom oral appliance that is designed specifically for your mouth and condition.

The second kind of sleep apnea treatment we offer is with a CPAP machine. Short for continuous positive airway pressure, CPAP delivers a continuous steam of clean air through a facemask to prevent your oral soft tissues from blocking your airways during sleep. Most CPAP wearers find the device comfortable and helpful when it comes to sleeping soundly throughout the night.

Details of Sleep Apnea Treatment

Usually, sleep apnea does not go away and, because of our ever-evolving bodies, the condition requires continual attention from Dr. Stewart. Over time, Dr. Stewart might suggest behavioral and/or lifestyle changes that will help alleviate your sleep apnea, including weight loss and smoking cessation.

Dr. Stewart will closely monitor your body’s response to your sleep apnea treatment and make any adjustments as needed. It’s important to take note of how you feel throughout your treatment, paying attention to your sleeping experiences and daytime feelings.

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