Tips for Choosing Your Michigan Dentist, Part 2

On Tuesday, we introduced a few tips for choosing the perfect dentist for you and your family. Today, Michigan cosmetic, restorative, general, and sleep dentist Dr. James Stewart wants to give you a few more tips for finding your new dental home.

More Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dentist for You

  1. Once you’re in the dental chair, keep track of how long it takes for the dentist to come into the room. Hygienists and other members of the dental team are highly important to maintaining your oral health, as well as maintaining a pleasant atmosphere, but you chose the practice based on the dentist’s credentials. You should receive the best care and the most expertise for your money.
  2. This is one of the rare times when it’s okay to judge someone before really getting to know him or her. Ask your potential dentist questions about his or her training, experience, continued education, and more. If his or her answers aren’t to your liking, find another dentist.
  3. On the same note, pay attention to how the dentist talks to you. When you’re in the dental chair—and later when your smile and dental health is in your dentist’s hands—you want someone who will be honest with you.. If you sense that the dentist is leaving out crucial information or, on the other hand, is prescribing dental procedures that you know you don’t need, move on.
  4. Ask about what your potential dentist can do for you in terms of your smile and financing your dental work. Ask for his or her expert opinion. If you’ve done your research, say so, and allow the dentist to expand on your knowledge. Also, it’s okay to ask about insurance policies and your options when it comes to paying for your dental work. You need to be sure that your dentist and the practice can give you the options and care you need.
  5. Lastly, pay attention to any follow-up interaction you have with the practice following your initial appointment. In this case, a personal phone call or postcard goes a long way to show that the dentist and team want you to be their valued patient just as much as you want to find a dentist that you like and trust.

Your Livonia, MI Dental Home

What did you look for when you decided you had found your dental home with Dr. Stewart and our dental team? We want to hear from you!

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