Immunizations and Dental Health

This week is National Infant Immunization Week, and as a Livonia, MI family dentist, Dr. James Stewart wants to discuss the importance of immunizations and quality dental care when it comes to laying a solid foundation for lifelong health for your child.

Why are Immunizations Important?

Immunizations are designed to protect children from certain diseases and health conditions to help ensure that they grow to live healthy and high-quality lives. There are currently fourteen vaccine-preventable diseases, and it’s the mission of National Infant Immunization Week to urge parents, caregivers, and healthcare provides to ensure that infants are fully immunized against them.

Vaccines exist because scientific and technological advancements allowed researchers to find a cure for serious infectious diseases that once killed or harmed infants, children, and adults. As a parent, don’t you want to do everything in your power to ensure that your child is healthy for many years to come? Of course you do. That’s why it’s important to fully immunize your child and maintain a dedication to quality dental care.

Why is Dental Care so Important?

Just like immunizations, dental care plays a large part in your child’s current and future health. Dental caries—also called cavities and tooth decay—is the most widespread childhood disease, yet it is easily preventable with proper at-home dental hygiene and quality professional dental care.

As a family dentist, Farmington Hills dentist Dr. Stewart wants to help you instill healthy dental habits in your child now to ensure his or her dental and overall health in the future. At your child’s dentist appointments, Dr. Stewart will clean your child’s teeth, evaluate his or her development and dental hygiene, and answer any questions you have about caring for your little one’s smile. Together, you and Dr. Stewart can help your son or daughter smile for life.

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