Livonia Parks & Recreation Center is Great for Healthy Living!

Do you get out and about to stay fit? Or do you lock yourself in during the winter months and focus only on the holidays? Stress is at an all-time high for most people in November and December, and exercise is a great way to reduce stress. At the Livonia Parks & Recreation Center, you’ll find a great selection of activities, classes, and events for every age group.

  • Swimming: There’s a leisure pool and competition lap pool. There’s a water slide, lazy river, water playground, and spa pool indoors. Outdoors in the summer, kids can enjoy the splash pool or water spray ground in the sun.
  • Gym Sports: The main gym features two full-size basketball or volleyball courts. In the multi-activities court, two more basketball courts are available, as well as inline hockey, floor hockey, indoor soccer, lacrosse, badminton, and special events.
  • Fitness Hub: A great selection of cardiovascular equipment, ranging from treadmills to elliptical trainers to recumbant bikes, make staying fit a cinch. There are also free weights, leg press stations, and over 2K lbs. of weight plates. To keep your mind occupied during workouts, the Fitness Hub is equipped with a complete TV sound system.
  • Track: A 1/11 mile track, indoors, is great for walkers and joggers. The outdoor path for walking and jogging spans 1/2 mile.
  • Rock Climbing: Twelve stations are available at the 42’high by 36′ wide rock climbing wall. Parents and children love this activity, and it can be an extreme workout.
  • For Kids: In addition to childcare, up to two hours at a time, the rec center has a giant tree fort for children to enjoy, and a game room for older kids.
  • Skate Boarding: Outdoors, kids can enjoy a 14K sq.ft. skate park with raps, 1/2 pipe, fun box, spines, and more.
  • Volleyball: There’s indoor volleyball in the gym, two sand courts are located outside.
  • Soccer: Indoor and outdoor soccer are available.

So don’t stay indoors and let the calories — and stress — build up this holiday season. Get out and get fit! My team and I want you to enjoy a high quality life of good health, fun, and wellness.