Livonia, MI Dentist Explains Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry

You might not think about Dr. Stewart as an artist, but one look at his smile makeover patients would change that. Dr. Stewart offers general dentistry, children’s dentistry, and even sleep apnea treatment. Many people don’t know that he’s a talented cosmetic dentist, as well. At Dr. Stewart’s Livonia dentist office, you have access to dentist-prescribed teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, hand crafted porcelain veneers, tooth-colored fillings and crowns, and even full smile makeovers.

When you look in the mirror, what’s eating you?

  • Stains – Ask about teeth whitening, bonding, or veneers.
  • Crooked teeth – Ask about veneers.
  • Chipped teeth – Ask about bonding, white crowns, or veneers.
  • Gaps and spaces between teeth – Ask about bonding or veneers.
  • Metal fillings and crowns – Ask about tooth-colored fillings and crowns.
  • Too-small teeth – Ask about veneers and gum reduction.
  • Oddly shaped teeth – Ask about bonding, crowns, or veneers.
  • Missing teeth – Ask about bridges or dental implants.

Want to learn more about cosmetic dentistry?

Call Dr. James Stewart at 734-425-4400 to schedule your cosmetic consultation. Located in Livonia, MI, our general dentist office serves families from Farmington Hills, Lovi, Plymouth, Dearborn Heights, and surrounding communities.