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For parents, their child’s smile can light up the room. Keeping those smiles healthy and bright requires regular dental care. Parents often have questions about caring for their little ones’ smiles. When should we see Dr. Stewart? When should we start brushing or flossing? Thankfully, your Livonia dentist, Dr. James Stewart, is here to help! In today’s blog, Dr. Stewart discusses our innovative dental care and how to keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful.

When Should Your Child See Dr. Stewart?

Once the first tooth erupts, you should begin seeing Dr. Stewart. This first visit is also known as a “happy visit.” The main goal is for your child to become accustomed to the dentist’s office and to meet our caring staff. After the first visit, try to attend a checkup approximately every six months. Regular checkups allow Dr. Stewart to ensure your child meets his/her dental milestones. Routine visits also help ease dental anxiety by letting you child see that the dentist’s office is a safe place full of caring friends.

Fluoride Treatments

If your child’s teeth appear particularly vulnerable to decay, Dr. Stewart may recommend a fluoride treatment. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel, safeguarding his/her smile against tooth decay.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are composed of a special plastic material that Dr. Stewart applies in thin layers to the back molars. These teeth are often difficult for children to reach, and food can easily become wedged between the molars, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Sealants prevent food from clinging to the surface of the teeth. Dental sealants never have to be removed; they simply wear away gradually and safely over time.

Good Dental Habits

To help maintain a healthy smile, always help your child practice good dental habits. When the first baby tooth arrives, begin cleaning your little one’s tooth with a wet cloth or gauze. As more teeth arrive, upgrade to an age appropriate toothbrush. When enough teeth arrive that they are touching one another, being gently flossing with a dental pick. Always brush twice a day, once in the morning and again before bed. Floss before bedtime, as well. Routine dental habits help protect and preserve those precious smiles.

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