Lifestyle Changes For Headache Relief

headacheblondebangsHave you recently been diagnosed with TMJ disorder or bruxism, which has clued you in to the primary cause of daily headaches? If so, you will find that treating your issue with the oral appliance therapy we provide will offer exceptional relief and protection against further complications. However, a little extra action on your part can make a big difference, as well, in reducing discomfort. Allow us to offer some helpful lifestyle change tips for an improved, headache free life.

Tip #1: Relax

Whether you’re suffering from a headache as the result of TMJ disorder or bruxism – or even any other result of stress or tension – it is extremely important that you learn to relax. When you overwork or tense your muscles, particularly in the region of your mouth and jaws, headaches can quickly develop. Begin learning to relax your muscles, whether through meditation or other avenues that will allow you to rest your muscles.

Tip #2: Don’t Aggravate Your Problem

If you’re dealing with TMJ disorder, you need to protect your jaws. If bruxism is your problem, protecting your teeth is your primary concern. Both issues rely on your attention toward letting your teeth and jaws rest as often as possible. This means it’s a good idea to avoid snacking (particularly on hard foods or chewy foods), while limiting vices like nibbling pens or fingernails.

Tip #3: Balance Out

Is your sleep schedule all over the place? Are you relying on caffeine during the day to make it through? Unfortunately, caffeine can aggravate an existing problem – particularly with bruxism. A lack of sleep and a high intake of caffeine can also result in headaches. Your best bet? Create a sleep schedule and reduce your coffee intake.