Is Teeth Whitening Right for You?

female smileTeeth whitening is commonly used to reduce or eliminate stains on tooth enamel. Discolored teeth can negatively affect your confidence and, according to a poll by the AACD, stained teeth can make you appear less intelligent, successful, and friendly than someone with a bright white smile. Kelton Research published a study that indicated, after teeth whitening, job candidates were more likely to receive a job offer and a higher pay rate than interviewees who did not whiten their teeth.

Most people feel confident and less inhibited in connecting with others by smiling if our teeth have a bright, white appearance. Perhaps this is a primary reason one visit teeth whitening is a popular option for people who want a brighter smile and/or want to remove unsightly stains from their teeth.

What is teeth whitening?

At Dr. Stewart’s office, teeth whitening involves safe, potent chemical bleaching, which should change the color of the tooth enamel and remove surface and deeper stains from teeth. A chemical called carbamide peroxide is generally used to bleach teeth. Various products contain different concentrations of this active ingredient. After years of studying professional teeth whitening options, as a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Stewart uses KoR Deep Bleaching, which requires at-home treatment, as well as a few in-office treatments. KoR has proven to be gentle on teeth, which means less chance of sensitivity for patients. KoR also provides great results, lightening teeth dramatically.


Kor requires a few office visits, as well as home treatment, and it produces awesome results. If you would like to whiten your teeth at home, ask Dr. Stewart about custom-fitted bleaching trays and prescription-strength bleaching gel. Home whitening can yield great results over one or two weeks of treatment, wearing trays about an hour each evening.


Teeth that are yellowish or brownish usually experience the best results with teeth whitening, while patients with grayish teeth tend to have less satisfaction with chemical teeth whitening. In these situations, porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding can provide permanent whitening.

Teeth whitening will not lighten tooth-colored fillings or bonding. Lightening natural tooth enamel to a shade lighter than your dental work will make fillings and bonding stand out. As an experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Stewart has helped patients with this situation and can advise you on the best solutions.

Learn more about one-visit teeth whitening today!

To learn more about how you may safely, quickly, and effectively brighten your teeth and remove discoloration, ask Dr. Stewart about one-visit teeth whitening at your next dental appointment, or schedule a consultation. Call us at (734) 425-4400 tomake your appointment at our Livonia dental practice. We proudly serve patients in the Farmington Hills, Plymouth, Northville, Dearborn Heights, Garden City, and surrounding areas.