Is It Stress? Or Sleep Apnea?

womanwonderingredWe are just approaching April, which means many things. In the world of dental care, one thing it brings to mind is the fact that April is Stress Awareness Month. Surprised that we would be thinking about stress, since it doesn’t seem to have much to do with your oral health? As a matter of fact, both stress and anxiety can have a significant effect on all aspects of your wellbeing, from your ability to feel happy, relaxed, to eat, to sleep, to protect your teeth, and more. For instance, perhaps you have been wondering if your stress is causing your daily fatigue or if you need sleep apnea treatment. Allow us to help you explore this question.

Is It Sleep Apnea?

If you’re dealing with sleep apnea, you are falling asleep at night then waking up and falling asleep multiple times. (This is not the same thing as having difficulty falling asleep or waking into full consciousness throughout the night as a result of stress). Patients who need sleep apnea treatment wake up (sometimes hundreds of times every night) because their throat tissues collapse, obstructing their airways. They wake to begin breathing again. While you may feel exhausted, have headaches, feel moody, and have a sore throat in the morning, you likely do not remember waking up during the night. Sleep disruptions from stress are generally easy to remember.

Who Should I Contact?

We suggest you contact us to determine whether you are dealing with sleep apnea and require sleep apnea treatment. If we diagnose you with this sleep disorder, treatment will certainly begin to offer you the sleep you have been missing. We would, of course, also recommend you contact your general practitioner for additional assistance. It is entirely possible to feel exhausted as the result of multiple concerns, so addressing your stress can offer even greater improvement in your daily quality of life.