Improving Smiles and Lives with Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Livonia, MI

If your teeth are damaged, painful, and sparse, regardless of the cause of your situation, Dr. Stewart wants to give you back optimal oral health and better quality of life. You don’t have to live with poor oral health, embarrassing bad breath, and a smile you hide in public. With full-mouth reconstruction, you can reclaim the bold, healthy, beautiful smile of your youth. The first step is a consultation with Dr. Stewart.

When you visit, Dr. Stewart will want to know if you’ve avoided dental care because of fear, anxiety, stress, or physical limitations. With medication, he can help you overcome these very real issues, so you can enjoy peace of mind and body during your oral reconstruction process.

Dr. Stewart will talk with you about your primary concerns and objectives, then he’ll update your records and thoroughly evaluate your oral health. He’ll assess your teeth, bite, soft tissues, and jaw joints. A comprehensive understanding of your unique dentition and oral health will help Dr. Stewart design an effective full-mouth reconstruction treatment plan for you. (more…)