How Would You Like to Makeover Your Smile?

smiling woman in whiteOne of the greatest joys of being a dentist is seeing a patient’s face light up at the sight of their new smiles. Besides routine checkups and dental restorations, like fillings and root canals, Dr. Stewart also offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to improve your smile’s appearance. A smile makeover describes a combination of such procedures designed to produce dramatic results with the most conservative methods possible. Whether your teeth are stained, chipped, uneven, or are less-than-perfect for any number of reasons, Dr. Stewart can device a customized makeover plan tailored to your specific smile’s needs.

Customized Cosmetic Dentistry

Even if they’re only cosmetic, teeth stains and other dental issues will only spread and grow worse until treated. The dull appearance of your teeth will grow darker without professional teeth-whitening, especially if there’s an underlying tooth infection causing the discoloration. Professional teeth whitening can address most teeth stains, except those that originate within your tooth’s structure. Also, if one or more teeth are chipped or misshapen as well as stained, then you’ll need a more comprehensive course of action, such as;

It’s All in the Material

Composite Resin

Traditionally made from metal amalgam, dental fillings are a restorative treatment meant to fortify a tooth that’s been treated for a cavity. When made from composite resin, however, dental fillings can serve as much of a cosmetic function as a restorative one. Resin fillings blend in with your tooth’s color and can be bonded to the tooth’s surface for improved function and aesthetics. Besides creating a better tooth filling, a resin bonding can also serve as a conservative cosmetic touchup for tooth stains and chipped edges.

Dental Porcelain

Dental porcelain, another popular dental material, is used to create dental crowns, veneers, dental bridges, and dentures, and offers a lifelike result that closely mimics your natural tooth structure. Dental porcelain is carefully tinted to exact color and shade of your tooth, and is layered to reflect light the way healthy tooth enamel does. Crafted by a skilled ceramist in a trusted dental lab, porcelain restorations are designed the exact specifications of your teeth for discreet, almost seamless results.


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