Go back to school with a stellar smile!

With summer coming to a close, the first day of school is just a few weeks away. For any family with school-age children– whether they’re a first grader or a freshman in high school- this can be an exciting and busy time.

What has to be done before school starts:

  • New clothes and shoes for the kiddos
  • New lunchboxes and backpacks
  • Keeping up with everyone’s schedules (soccer, carpool, band practice- you name it!)
  • Getting everyone’s schools supplies
  • Getting the kids to the doctor for general checkups, shots, and physicals

The list goes on and on, but is dental care on your back-to-school checklist?

If not, it should be. Regular six-month dental cleanings and checkups should begin as soon as your child’s first tooth appears. While this milestone happens at a different age for everyone, your dentist will recommend the proper time to start coming in regularly. These checkups are just another way to make sure that your kids are practicing quality at-home dental hygiene habits and that their smiles are happy and healthy.

By having their teeth thoroughly cleaned every six months, your child is protected from developing serious oral conditions, such as cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Also, with regular bi-annual checkups, your dentist can keep an eye on your child’s development and suggest the right time to see an orthodontist if braces are needed, as well as keep an eye on your child’s mouth and scan for anything that could become a problem in the future. After all, prevention is key to healthy living.

Dr. James Stewart is a family dentist in Livonia, Michigan, and he encourages you to bring your entire family in for regular checkups and cleanings before the kiddos go back to school. call Dr. Stewart’s dental office at (734) 425-4400 to reserve an appointment for your kids in the next few weeks so they can go back to school with a sparkling smile. Also, by calling now, your child won’t have to miss school later in the school year to go to the dentist. Unless Dr. Stewart says otherwise, checkups and cleanings every six months are all it takes to have a healthy smile.

We look forward to seeing you and starting your semester off with a smile.