Do You Need A Bridge Or Implant?

stewart implantTooth loss can lead to a negative impact on your oral health, including a greater risk of misalignment and a higher chance of tooth decay and gum disease forming. However, you can maintain a whole and healthy smile by replacing your missing tooth. Do you need a bridge or an implant to enjoy a complete smile once again?

What Causes Tooth Loss?

We can lose a tooth for a variety of reasons, including injury. In addition, a dental infection or advanced gum disease can lead to tooth loss. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, illness, and age can also factor into tooth loss, as these factors can exacerbate issues like decay or periodontal disease.

Dental Bridge

Once you’ve lost a tooth we may suggest a dental bridge to replace the missing tooth. The dental bridge consists of the new tooth with a dental crown attached to each end. The natural teeth on either side of the gap are prepared and the crowns will be placed on them, securing your new tooth. We will provide instructions on caring for the new tooth, which can last for 10 to 15 years.

Dental Implant

Another option for replacing a missing tooth is a dental implant. A more advanced option, this is inserted into the jawbone where it acts like a natural tooth root, stimulating jawbone growth and preventing facial collapse. The new tooth is then topped with a lifelike restoration to ensure the new tooth blends with your smile. With this option, patients can enjoy tooth replacement that lasts a lifetime. If you have any questions about dental implants or any of our other tooth replacement options, then please contact our office today.