Dental Bridge Alternatives, from Your Livonia Dentist

bridge/partial denturesHaving you considered using a dental bridge as your tooth replacement method? Before you commit to a bridge, consider some alternative options. Since replacing missing teeth has become quite common, patients can choose from a number of restorative treatments.

To teach his patients about alternatives to dental bridges, Dr. James Stewart, your Livonia dentist provides this information.

Tooth Replacement Options Other than Bridges

  • Dentures. The removable version of a dental bridge is a called, a partial denture. Just like a bridge, a partial denture contains three main components: two anchoring clasps and false teeth. More often than not, the clasps have been made of metal and sit atop of metal framework, which holds the entire piece together. Covering the metal framework is a gum-colored base that houses the false teeth. As aforementioned, this tooth replacement is removable and quite common amongst patients who have endured partial tooth loss.
  • Implants. One of the most secure tooth replacement methods is the dental implant. The dental implant offers great versatility since patients can choose implants to support one missing tooth or many.
    With an implant-supported dental bridge, your
    Livonia dentist places two implant posts into the jaw bone. Once the patient has successfully recovered from the initial implantation procedure, the dentist can place the abutment. Together, these two steps could take up to a year to complete. This is because the patient is allowed a healing period after the placement of each component; depending on the patient, proper healing for each step may take up-to six months.
    When the patient is ready for crown placement, the dentist uses a specialized bridge made for dental implant use. The result is a permanent bridge that has been made to last for years on end.

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