Children’s Oral Health: What Parents Should Know about the First Dental Visit

A Child’s First Visit

Dr. James Stewart supports the American Dental Association’s suggestion that children should visit the dentist by age one. Though your little one may not have many teeth at one year, he or she also has not yet been negatively influenced about dental visits. The first visit is called a Happy Visit because our primary goal is to make the child – and parent – happy with our office! In many cases, we have found that the best Happy Visit is conducted consecutively with a parent’s cleaning. Your child can take a ride in the dental chair, meet “Mr. Thirsty,” and become familiar with the sights, sounds, and friends at our office. Dr. Stewart will inspect your child’s mouth, looking for proper tooth development. Following the initial visit, be sure to schedule six-month checkups so that we can continue to build your child’s healthy future.

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