Can You Take Steps To Prevent Gum Disease?

If you have sore, red gums that appear swollen or bleed easily, you may be experiencing the early warning signs of gum disease. Without management, the disease may lead to serious complications, which can include tooth loss in extreme cases. Can you take steps to prevent gum disease?

Try Our Quiz on Gum Disease Prevention

  1. True or False: Flossing can aid in prevention.
  2. True or False: You should always brush your teeth.
  3. True or False: You need a dental cleaning.
  4. True or False: Avoiding tobacco products can help.

Answer Key

  1. True. When you floss, you remove bits of food from between your teeth. Without floss, these bits of food would be broken down by bacteria, leading to the plaque buildup that can inflame the gums and lead to periodontal problems. You should floss your teeth every night before going to bed.
  2. True. You need to brush your teeth twice a day, once when you wake up and again before going to sleep at night. Brushing removes food particles and helps reduce the severity of plaque buildup on your teeth.
  3. True. While brushing and flossing can help control plaque buildup, only a dental cleaning can remove it. Using a manual device or possibly an ultrasonic scaler, the dentist will remove the plaque and tartar from the teeth. The procedure also helps freshen breath and brighten teeth.
  4. True. Tobacco use can increase the risk of periodontitis, the advanced state of gum disease that often leads to adult tooth loss. Tobacco products can also increase the risk of oral, throat, and lung cancers, among other serious health issues. We urge our patients to avoid smoking and other tobacco products.

How Do You Prevent Gum Disease?

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