Can You Save My Infected Tooth?

toothhappythumbsupFortunately, if you suffer from an infection, we can save your infected tooth with root canal treatment. Granted, we assume you are not too thrilled to find out a root canal is the service best suited to your needs. The good news is that this restorative treatment is actually an exceptional procedure that will save your tooth and … believe it or not … it’s comfortable. So before you go giving root canals a bad wrap, learn more about how we save your tooth and you may find yourself singing a very different tune (and urgently scheduling that appointment you need so badly):

Why Do I Need Treatment?

You may wonder why you need treatment since certain types of infections clear on their own. When it comes to a tooth infection, the problem is affecting your dental pulp. This is the tissue that lines your root canals – or the lowermost hollow portions of your teeth. These areas are filled with blood vessels and everything your tooth needs to remain alive and healthy. Once your pulp is damaged or infected, your tooth will require an extraction unless we remove the pulp because it cannot heal itself. The good news is that once the pulp is gone and the infection treated, your tooth can remain in its place.

How Does Root Canal Save My Tooth?

Root canal therapy saves your tooth through the physical removal of your dental pulp. We will numb your tooth as well as the tissue surrounding it before we begin the procedure. Then, after creating a small entrance hole, we will access the interior portion of your tooth, removing the dental pulp and other tissues. We will make sure the area is clean and may utilize antibiotics to make sure the infection clears. To restore your tooth and to protect it, we will place a rubbery substance called gutta percha to seal the root. Then, we will fill the tooth and will most likely cover it with a dental crown.


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