Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy

toothfullwhiteWhen it comes to suggesting root canal therapy to improve the health of your tooth – to save it, in most instances – you may find yourself feeling unsure whether you want to move forward with treatment. First, let us assure you that you can expect a restorative treatment that is completely comfortable from beginning to end. Now that you know you will be able to experience a relaxing journey, we also invite you to consider the many benefits of root canals. You will find that they act as lifesavers that can keep your smile intact and return it to excellent health.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

  1. Improved Comfort. The comfort of your tooth is at stake when you suffer from the inflammation or infection of your dental pulp – or the tissue lining the internal portion of your tooth. You see, once the inside of your tooth is infected, you may quickly find yourself suffering from severe toothaches and other uncomfortable concerns. Root canal therapy will swiftly return you to comfort.
  2. Protection Against Abscess. Ignore that inflammation and infection and you are on the road toward major complications. You can expect the infection to abscess, which can become extremely uncomfortable. Remove the infection and save your tooth before this occurs by agreeing to root canal therapy.
  3. General Health Protection. The infection in your tooth can spread quite far, either to nearby healthy tissue or into the rest of your body, which can become quite dangerous.
  4. Avoiding An Extraction. Our goal is to keep all of your natural teeth standing in your mouth, so you do not need to deal with the costly, time-consuming experience of replacing a tooth we might have saved. Root canal therapy can rescue your tooth. However, if you wait and ignore the infection, you will most likely require a dental extraction to protect your overall oral health.


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