Ask Dr. Stewart About Cosmetic Dentistry

stewartcosmeticDr. James Stewart is a general and cosmetic dentist from Livonia, MI. Today, Dr. Stewart discusses the potential benefits of replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

Dear Dr. Stewart: I’ve heard that dental implants are the closest thing to real teeth. Can anyone qualify for dental implants?

Dr. Stewart: Dental implants are unique because they actually replace both the crown (the visible part of the tooth) and the root. The implant portion, a biocompatible titanium post, is inserted into the jaw. Over a period of months the post actually bonds with the jawbone, securing the new tooth like a real one.

To be a viable candidate for the procedure you need to meet two criteria: have healthy guns and an adequate amount of jawbone tissue. Periodontitis (advanced gum disease) can lead to the loss of adult teeth and implant failure. People must also have enough jawbone tissue to actually support the new tooth.

If your dentist decides you meet both of these criteria then you can enjoy a whole smile once again, with a tooth replacement option that can last as long as 25 years with proper care.

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