A Quick, Objective Look At Smile Care

Our Livonia, MI team knows that sometimes, it can become hard to see the forest for the trees, so to speak! While you have a general understanding that your oral health is important and that it is safeguarded by your smile care, it’s also easy to become so entrenched in the details that you forget about what’s really going on. Today, we’d like to zoom out a bit and move away from the little tiny details, as we take a broader, objective view of why keeping your smile in good shape is so important! Ready for your next visit? Just give our team a call!

You Need Your Jaw Joints For Movement

One of the reasons you practice smile care consistently to protect your oral health? You need your jaw joints to function well because they are what provide movement to your smile. You can open and close your mouth, thanks to your jaw joints (also known as your TMJs). When they are under pressure, strain, or they are damaged, you may have pain and it may become difficult to eat and speak and even rest! So, remember that protecting the function and motion of your smile is one key factor.

You Need Healthy Teeth For Eating & Speaking

Now, we remind you that in terms of protecting your function, speaking, eating, and other daily quality of life details, you need not only healthy jaw joints but also healthy teeth. Your teeth help you articulate your words and chew your food. This is why preventive smile care is so important. You can preserve the tissue, strength, and use of your teeth by keeping them safe and free of disease and damage. It’s all about dental hygiene, cleanings, and checkups!

Your Nice-Looking Smile Is An Asset!

Don’t forget, when you’re taking an objective look at the cosmetic smile care you are considering for yourself, you can simply focus on the fact that an attractive smile is an asset. It makes you feel good. It elevates others’ opinions of you. Whether the context is social or otherwise, having a smile that looks nice will always be much more beneficial than one with which you are unhappy!

Your Healthy Mouth Begins Digestion

Remember, too, that you care for your smile because your mouth is the first stop in your digestive process. You chew and swallow, which is how you kick off the process of taking in essential nutrients!

See Us For Complete Smile Care

Remember to contact our team when you are ready for any type of smile care. Whether you are checking in for your twice-annual preventive visits, you need restorative care, or it’s time for cosmetic improvement, come in! James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.