A New Dental Implant Can Restore Your Smile

Smiling Woman Livonia MIHave you recently lost one of your natural teeth, or have you received a diagnosis requiring an extraction? If so, it is important to learn about your options in a replacement. This field of dentistry is called prosthodontics, and it includes everything from appliance-based solutions such as dental bridges to a full new set of dentures. New technology has brought significant innovation to this area of study, so take the time to speak with a trusted provider about recent advancements in care.

One of the advanced forms of prosthodontic repair available at our dental office in Livonia, MI is the placement of an elegant, yet durable, dental implant. This process can help you to have a new replacement prosthetic tooth that you can trust with every bite. Implant placement starts with and relies upon a sturdy titanium post that your provider places within the bone matter of your jaw. When you need a strong tooth replacement solution, talk to your oral health provider about whether dental implants are right for your smile!

A Titanium Post Gives You A Remarkably Strong Connection For Your Dental Implant

When you lose one of your natural teeth, it is important to remember that this is not the end for this part of your mouth. You have options in prosthodontic repair, which gives you a new artificial replacement tooth. There are a few methods to this field of study, so talk with your dentist about your particular needs. One of your possibilities is the placement of a beautiful new dental implant.

The process of placing a new biocompatible implant solution begins with the implantation of a sturdy titanium rod within the bone tissue of your jaw. Through an amazing biochemical process called osseointegration, your body does not reject this metal post. Rather, your jaw will heal snugly around the post, creating the foundation for your new replacement tooth.

Your New Dental Implant Can Help You To Adapt To Further Tooth Loss

After your short period of recovery, your dentist will attach a gorgeous new custom prosthetic to your threaded titanium post, giving you back the bite function that you have lost. Experience a secure connection when you chew and feel comfortable knowing that your solution is built to last.

In fact, a growing number of patients are utilizing implant posts for more extensive repair. Implant-supported dentures allow you to take advantage of the benefits of osseointegration. Talk with your provider about your needs and see how implants can help you!

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