A Little Advice From A Friendly Elf

elfjoyAs you know, we have had a somewhat quiet yet very attentive visitor here at the office – the elf. While he’s usually saving his thoughts up for Santa (letting him know whether you have been a nice or naughty dental care patient), he made a special exception to offer a little advice to us. After taking note of the areas of hygiene that give our patients some difficulty – and hearing how many of them are short on ideas for stocking stuffers – he thought he would offer up some helpful suggestions straight from Mr. Kringle himself. So, while Santa is taking care of the big gifts, you can gather up some little presents that will help your friends and family enjoy long-term oral health.

Gift #1: A Toothbrush, Of Course

If you’re buying stocking stuffers for children, you might want to focus on choosing something that a child would find dazzling and exciting – this can mean a beautiful, fun color or design, a toothbrush with fun cartoons on it, or a sparkly toothbrush. When choosing something to protect the oral health of a teen or adult, do yourself a favor and increase the power and ease of use (rather than the visual effect) with an electric toothbrush.

Gift #2: Fun Floss

Dental floss can be a lot of fun if you look for something that gives it an edge. After all, everyone needs floss but not everyone is willing to splurge on this otherwise utilitarian item. Get a little crazy and fun, seeking out interesting colors and flavors that gift receivers of any age will enjoy.

Gift #3: Yum – It’s Gum!

If you are resisting the urge to fill up your loved one’s stocking with a ton of candy and other sugary treats (like candy canes, which can promote tooth decay and damage dental work), think about something sweet that can protect oral health. If you guessed sugarless gum, you’re correct. This will help keep smiles clean, gift receivers happy, and teeth safe.