3 Tips For Improved TMJ Health

tipshintsHave you been dealing with discomfort in your face? Do you notice that when you eat, the area around your jaws tends to hurt? If so, you may be suffering from TMJ disorder. Also referred to as TMD, this is a problem that may stem from a variety causes, such as injury or strain that occurs on a daily basis. What you will be happy to learn is that regardless of the factor causing your discomfort and disorder, seeking relief and TMJ therapy will help. Learn more about ways to improve your comfort and health – it’s simpler than you might think.

Tip #1: Visit Us For Therapy

To begin with, if you think you are experiencing a problem with your jaw joints – or you are not quite sure what the problem is – the best place to begin is with a visit to our practice. We will examine your smile and supportive structures to look for TMJ disorder (or other issues like bruxism) so we may then move ahead by offering treatment. For TMJ issues, we offer therapy with the use of a nighttime mouthguard to relax your jaw joints.

Tip #2: Scrap Bad Habits

Bad habits are often the factor that keeps your TMJ disorder from healing – and your discomfort from leaving. Ask yourself what you’re doing to make your jaw joints work more than they need to. Are you biting your nails habitually? Are you chewing gum all day long? Ditch bad habits – your jaw joints will heal more quickly as a result.

Tip #3: Alter Your Daily Choices

Do you usually pack some chewy candies to snack on throughout the day? Does your lunch include a sandwich made with a hard-to-chew, difficult-to-bite bread? If you are overworking your TMJs throughout the day, you will make your TMJ disorder worse. Choose softer foods to avoid causing additional damage.