Reasons to Smile About Soup

The weather is turning colder, and you may want to warm up your body with a nice bowl of soup. Approximately ten billion bowls of soup are consumed in the U.S. every year, most of which are consumed in January for National Soup Month. Although we only celebrate it in January, there are many benefits to eating soup all year long.


The Greeks began selling soup on the street in about 600 B.C. They added peas, beans, and lentils to a bowl to make it a type of “fast food.”  Soup is quick and easy to eat because it’s usually already made for you. Most soups come in a can and just need to be heated up. You can also stock up when they go on sale for the winter, because soups tend to last a while in your pantry. Homemade soups are also convenient. You can just throw all your favorite ingredients into a pot, heat it up, and you’re ready to go. In contrast, many other “fast foods” are loaded with sugar and carbs that are bad for both your smile and your waistline.


Soups can be loaded with lots of healthy ingredients. You can mix in your favorite meats, pasta, beans, and vegetables to make a nutritious meal in one pot. By filling your soup broth with various ingredients, you’re filling your bowl with healthy vitamins and minerals. Ever wonder why your mother made you chicken noodle soup when you were sick? Researchers found that eating soup can relieve congestion by loosening mucus. Furthermore, soup keeps you hydrated and full, giving your body the energy it needs to fight the virus. Soup also contains high levels of water, which is low in acidity, and therefore won’t wear away your tooth enamel.


Eat your soup carefully. If the liquid is too hot, it may burn your lips, tongue, or mouth, causing pain or inflammation. Also, hot temperatures can irritate your gums, and if your teeth are sensitive, you may notice a sharp throbbing. In addition, creamy soups may be high in calories and fat because of the high milk or cream content. On the other hand, broth soups will probably be low in calories due to the high water content. Choose a soup that has plenty of balanced, nutritional value.

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