Drooling On Your Dentist

Your mouth may water while thinking about a delicious meal or possibly while watching your celebrity crush on the big screen. When your saliva begins to drip out of your mouth, it’s called drooling. Many people are embarrassed when they drool, but one place you shouldn’t be ashamed of drooling is at Dr. Stewart’s dentist office.

Why Do I Drool?

When your mouth produces more saliva than you can swallow, it flows out of your mouth. Dental procedures require you to frequently open and close your mouth, which stimulates your salivary glands. The treatments and dental tools in your mouth may prevent you from swallowing normally. With your mouth open, the saliva will overflow and start to drip out.

But don’t worry—Dr. Stewart sees slobber all the time. In fact, it’s more of a problem if you don’t produce saliva, because that could be a sign of dry mouth. Saliva is necessary to keep your mouth clean and moist.

Working Underwater

Drooling at the dentist is perfectly normal, but too much water can make it difficult to see and work. The saliva makes the view blurry. Also, some dental adhesive materials may need a dry environment to stick and be placed effectively. To keep your mouth dry, Dr. Stewart or your hygienist may use cotton to soak up excess saliva, or suction tubes to suck slobber out of your mouth.

What’s more embarrassing than drooling? Bad teeth! Don’t let your drool humiliation prevent you from visiting Dr. Stewart every six months. Skipping appointments will cause the need for more time in the dental chair and more complicated procedures in the future, and therefore, more drool.

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