Restorative Dentistry: A Quiz

quizgreenTrue, you likely don’t sit around on a daily basis thinking about the different ways dentistry can help your smile. However, when something goes wrong, most patients are extraordinarily excited that restorative dentistry offers tooth repairs and so much more. In fact, you may know a lot more about how restorative care can assist and protect your smile than you realize. Wonder if perhaps you really do know what’s what when it comes to keeping your smile in great shape when things don’t go according to plan? Test your knowledge to find out!

True or False Quiz: Restorative Care

  1. True or False: The whole point of restorative dentistry is to get your tooth to look good again.
  2. True or False: We can only repair your tooth if it is mildly damaged – otherwise, we will need to turn to a dental extraction.
  3. True or False: Even if you are dealing with a long list of concerns or haven’t received care in a long time, we encourage you to visit us for restorative dentistry treatment, which may include full-mouth reconstruction.

Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. The goal of restorative dentistry is to restore your oral health. This means bringing your smile back to its structural integrity, level of wellbeing, and functional capacity that you originally enjoyed before problems occurred.
  2. False. Restorative care tends to problems across a broad spectrum. Whether you have a very small cavity or if you experience a serious infection or trauma to your tooth, we can provide you with a treatment that repairs your oral health. An extraction is a last resort when other options are insufficient.
  3. True. We never want you to feel embarrassed or as though your oral health is in too bad of shape for a visit. We offer full mouth reconstruction for individuals who require extensive care – and we look forward to seeing you.