Interesting, and Important, Facts About Your Teeth

realistic image of teethWhen it comes to your dental health, knowledge is power. If you didn’t know that brushing your teeth everyday was important, then you probably wouldn’t, and your teeth can’t last long in the midst of consistently poor hygiene. Still, there are some things about your teeth that aren’t common knowledge, but knowing them could help you save your smile. For instance, teeth don’t act like other tissues in your body, and when a dental issue develops, it might be more dire of a situation than you realize.

Did You Know?

  • The strongest human bite was once measured at just over 250 lbs. of pressure. The average is less, around 170-200 lbs. of pressure, mostly on the back molars. Keeping your teeth healthy with good hygiene and professional care equates to keeping your teeth and their enamel strong enough to withstand the pressures of biting and chewing.
  • Even though your teeth wouldn’t last long without your attention, they aren’t completely helpless. In fact, good hygiene focuses on supporting your teeth’s formidable defenses. The enamel that surrounds your teeth is so resilient that it has inspired scientists to study its composition for the future of aerospace engineering.
  • Tooth enamel isn’t just the strongest substance your body produces; it’s the second-most resilient substance on earth, besides diamonds. Nevertheless, if enamel or the tooth structure underneath it is damaged, it can’t repair itself. Likewise, after your adult teeth have grown in, you won’t grow any replacements if one or more of them are lost. The importance of restorative dentistry lies in saving teeth that are damaged or diseased from being completely destroyed.
  • Although humans don’t grow an extra set of replacement teeth once the permanent ones have erupted, many people grow more teeth than they need, or can comfortably accommodate. “Wisdom teeth” is the informal name given to the last, or third set, of molars, which erupt between the ages of 17-25 (the age of wisdom). If your dental ridge can accommodate them, then the four extra molars can help increase your bite’s effectiveness. If they become impacted, or impeded by existing teeth, then they’ll likely need an extraction to restore peace to your remaining 28 teeth.

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