Don’t Skip Your Dental Filling!

toothwithballoonsWhen your tooth still feels completely comfortable but we let you know you’re suffering from tooth decay, you may feel like you have all the time in the world to schedule your dental filling. However, this is simply not the case. We encourage our patients to avoid becoming fooled by a lack of discomfort. In fact, the sooner you visit us for a filling, the easier it is to prevent discomfort altogether in addition to a variety of other potential consequences. Wondering what those might be? Learn more about why you shouldn’t skip your filling, and you’ll be better prepared to protect your smile.

A Skipped Filling May Mean Infection

If you skip your dental filling, you are increasing the chances of bacteria making their way into your tooth’s roots – or the lowermost internal area of your tooth. These canals house dental pulp, which keeps your tooth alive. Once infected, the pulp will need to be removed with a root canal treatment. Unfortunately, a large cavity often provides bacteria an open doorway into your tooth.

Skipped Fillings Promote Breakage

Another reason to avoid skipping your dental filling is that the longer you wait, the larger the cavity will grow. The more tooth tissue you lose to decay, the more fragile your remaining tissue. As a result, your tooth becomes more and more susceptible to breaking.

Waiting May Bring Discomfort

A shallow cavity may not present any significant symptoms – or any at all. However, a deeper cavity results in exposed nerves. This means waiting for your dental filling will likely result in some serious discomfort that you may have otherwise avoided.