2 Surprising Reasons To Choose Implants

reasoncloudsWhen it comes to figuring out which option for replacing your teeth is best, you may endure a bit of a struggle at first. After all, you have a large world of options available to you – some removable, some fixed. And then – there’s the unique tooth replacement called dental implants. As you learn more, you will discover that they offer constant stability and may last quite a while (often a lifetime). For those who become instantly interested in implants, we offer a couple more reasons to agree to this solution.

Reason #1: They’re Cost Effective

Believe it or not, choosing dental implants to restore your smile after tooth loss is actually a cost-effective solution. It is entirely true that your investment in implants will surpass that of other prosthetics that may replace your missing teeth. However, your implants will generally require this single investment and may last for the rest of your life. Prosthetics like bridges and dentures may last around five to 10 years and will require multiple repairs and replacements over time.

Reason #2: They Protect Your Jaw

Other prosthetics will not stop the deterioration of your jaw tissue that occurs after you lose a tooth or multiple teeth. Your body naturally “assumes” that since your teeth are absent, your jawbone no longer serves a purpose. As a result, jaw tissue breaks down and is reabsorbed into your body. Good news: Replace your roots (which let your jawbone know you still have teeth) and your jaw health and tissue will remain intact.