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Soda Drinking: The Reasons To Stop

Are you a bit of a soda fanatic? Do you have your favorite flavors, your particular brand loyalties, and then the stuff that you’ll only drink if there’s nothing else that you like around? What would you say if we were to inform you that none of your selections (though delicious) are safe for your… Read more »

Tongue Piercings: Bad, Worse, Worst

What’s next on your agenda for the way you accessorize yourself? Have you decided that your interest in obtaining an oral piercing is something you’re beginning to feel very serious about? If so, there may be a moment during which you ask yourself the following question: “Is this a safe decision or an unsafe one?”… Read more »

3 Answers To Your “When Should I?” Questions

Do you find yourself wanting to ask us questions but you think to yourself that they’re the type of inquiries that might elicit laughter or a roll of the eyes? Are your questions extremely basic and – and a result – you keep them to yourself? Whether you’re asking the simplest oral health question in the world… Read more »

Need To Buy A Better Brush?

Are you sure about the toothbrush you are using? Unfortunately, patients often incorrectly assume that any brush they choose for their smiles is going to be good enough. However, paying attention to the details can actually make a huge difference when it comes to your ability to keep your teeth and gums in beautiful, healthy… Read more »

A Healthy Smile Requires More Than Luck

Were you hoping that the luck of the Irish would be on your side this St. Patrick’s day, keeping your smile safe from all of the potential danger that seems to lurk around every corner? While it would be nice to rely on a little luck from time to time, this mystical approach will not… Read more »

Brush Your Best In 2016

When it comes to keeping your smile clean with dental hygiene at home, your main focus includes brushing and flossing. If you have flossing down pat, it’s important to make sure your brushing habits are their best as well. First, remember that we are always delighted to demonstrate and explain best practices if you are… Read more »

A Little Advice From A Friendly Elf

As you know, we have had a somewhat quiet yet very attentive visitor here at the office – the elf. While he’s usually saving his thoughts up for Santa (letting him know whether you have been a nice or naughty dental care patient), he made a special exception to offer a little advice to us…. Read more »

Chronic Headaches? See Us ASAP.

Do you find that you are taking pain relievers on a surprisingly consistent basis to address your headaches? Are you doing things the way you always have (or have you been enjoying a more healthy lifestyle lately, but your head pain is the one thing that remains)? If so, it is important to realize that… Read more »